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Time Goes By…

But I’m on top of it with Google calendar.  If someone stuck a gun to my head and said that I could only choose one

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Head in the Cloud Part 2

Part 2 Cloud computing is all around us.  More and more services are being driven “to the cloud”.  The downside (yes, there is a downside)

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Head in the Cloud

PART 1 What would you think if I said that my head is always in the cloud?  (singular, not plural).  Ten years ago, you would

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The Line in the Sand

  I’ve learned that when you say you will never do something, you better be careful because that statement will come back to bite you.

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Video Message


Greetings To My Wonderful NASW Friends

Greetings I miss you all so very much that I wanted to send a special greeting to you.  I was thinking of a way that

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Introducing… my new site.

So an acquaintance of mine develops WordPress sites and consults with organizations.  Her website is black and white and says, “I’m too busy designing awesome websites for

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What People Say

In one hour… Carol met with me to discuss free online tech tools available and that one hour opened up a whole new tech world

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About Tech Tools

“What Can I Do To Make Your Job Easier”?  That is the first thing that I will ask when we meet.

Tech Tools, LLC

About Our Services

A consultation with Tech Tools, LLC begins with an in depth discussion about your challenges and needs. A full technology assessment form may be completed

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