Greetings To My Wonderful NASW Friends


I miss you all so very much that I wanted to send a special greeting to you.  I was thinking of a way that I could tell everyone how much I missed them. Well, you all know me and the most natural thing for me to do is to create a webpage. LOL. So I created a subpage of my website with special videos just for you all. Please pass this url around to everyone so I can say “Hi” to everyone.  As you can see in my sidebar, you can also contact me through various social media platforms and then good old fashioned email.  Don’t be a stranger.  🙂  And leave comments down below as well. I want to hear back from all of you. Take care everyone!!!!!


Monkey Video

For those who missed it originally, here is something to make you laugh.  This was shot last April at the bar across from the hotel.  Can you identify whose laughter is whose?  🙂


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