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WordPress is a platform that has widely been touted as a website Content Mangement System (CMS) that “anybody can do”.  While it is a user friendly platform, for many the learning process can be a little overwhelming.  It is true that anybody can learn to use WordPress, but WordPress coaching can certainly help move you along the way.

Carol Stambaugh, of Tech Tools, LLC is a leader in the Arizona WordPress community, serving as lead organizer for the Arizona WordPress meetup group with over 950 members statewide.  She also served as lead organizer of WordCamp Phoenix 2013.

Carol has been mentoring students in WordPress through Gangplank Chandler.  In her WordPress coaching sessions, Carol starts with where the client is regarding their goals, knowledge and skill level.  From this, both long term WordPress coaching goals and immediate session goals are established and prioritized and the session is  focused on achieving the goals outlined.  At the end of each session, the session notes, along with a list of homework items are emailed to the student along with a session feedback form.

Ben describes his session with Carol.

Carol was professional and extremely knowledgable of the questions and topics I brought before her. I always feel comfortable during our sessions because I know that the majority, if not all of my questions will be answered.

The tools and techniques Carol provides me with during our session(s) are used immediately in my workflow.

Carol ROCKS!!

Erin describes her session.

Carol quickly caught up on what was needed and moved into it. She showed me how she figures some things out, like where widgets set up on my side and footer. Good to know. We set a goal for our next meeting as to make sure that the backups are working and to make sure I know how to restore. I can tell we are going to work together great. I am very thankful for her directions.

Contact Carol to discuss how a WordPress coaching session might help you.  You can also schedule an appointment online below.

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