Introducing… my new site.

So an acquaintance of mine develops WordPress sites and consults with organizations.  Her website is black and white and says, “I’m too busy designing awesome websites for my clients that I don’t have time to design my own website,  just call or email me”.  I love her site for it’s candid truth telling.  I fell victim to the same phenomenon for a while.  I was so busy helping others with their technology needs and building websites and social media presence that I didn’t have time for me.  I finally sat down, sucked it up, and here is the product of that endeavor.  So this is your official “Welcome to my new website” message.  I am proud to present the new and improved “Tech Tools, LLC” website.

Feel free to browse through the site and let me know what you think.  One of my favorite thing about the new site is the integrated blog format.  Take care all!

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