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I’m still here… (But where is “here”)

The past two months has seen quite a change in my normal routine.  After going to work at NASW-AZ every day for the past 12

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Explain yourself Carol!

  So the cat is out of the bag… the news of my impending departure from the AZ chapter of NASW is now widespread and

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Teaching Seminars

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Chris Frailey: Slug Bug

The following was posted on my dear husband’s blog.  I cannot take credit for the writing, but I echo the sentiment exactly.  Feel free to

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George Lucas and the “Bleeding Edge”

As I sit here on a Saturday night watching the original Star Wars with my family, I am struck by the genius of George Lucas

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Trapeze Swings and This Thing Called Life

Yes, this is me getting ready to jump off a platform and swing on a trapeze during my very first Trapeze lesson.  But more on

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The Birth of a Toolbox… the accidental geek

Having worked with non-profit associations for most of my career, I found myself drawn to the technical side of the business. Whether it was e-communications

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