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So the cat is out of the bag… the news of my impending departure from the AZ chapter of NASW is now widespread and the farewell party is being planned.  So for all of you who thought I might be sitting in this chair til past the age of 65 (myself included), I guess you might want a bit of an explanation.

This decision did not come lightly.  In fact, I agonized over this decision for 4 long months before making the final call.  Serving as the Executive Director of the AZ Chapter of NASW has been an amazing experience and one I will always treasure.  One of the things that made this decision so hard is that I wasn’t leaving NASW, rather I was going to something new.  While that may seem like mere semantics, I think there is a very important distinction between the two.  I was not looking to leave my current position, but opportunities seemed to present themself again and again.  And I felt the need to grasp that new Trapeze bar flying towards me and launch into a new adventure.  So what is this thing that drew me away from the amazing organization and people I have worked with for the past 12 years…

…It’s an idea, a vision and a dream.  One of the gifts that NASW has given me is the ability to develop myself in the area of technology.  I truly enjoy all things tech.  Who else do you know who chooses to read “Search Engine Optimization” techniques as my preferred bedtime reading.  🙂  So my departure comes as I pursue a dream to help other non-profits and small businesses harness technology in their respective organizations.  I am thrilled to pursue this opportunity and hope that I will continue to cross paths with the many amazing people I have worked with for the past 12 years.

So sadly I say goodbye to one chapter of my life (but not the people).  If you want to stop by and say “so long”, join me for a “Farewell Reception” on Thursday, October 28th from 5:30 to 7:30.  Check out the evite for more information.  Hope to see you there.

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