George Lucas and the “Bleeding Edge”

As I sit here on a Saturday night watching the original Star Wars with my family, I am struck by the genius of George Lucas in the mid 1970’s. (That, and how young Harrison Ford looks). 🙂 George Lucas was actually so far ahead of his time regarding movie special effects that he was unable to do certain things that he wanted to do in the original movie. He later went back and added scenes to the movie when technology would allow. Clearly, George Lucas wasn’t just on the “leading edge”, he was on the “bleeding edge.”  The very fact that he was so far ahead of his time helped propel the entire industry forward.

While being on the bleeding edge is often looked at as a detriment in conservative organizations, hats off to those trailblazers leading the way. The bleeding edge isn’t always a comfortable place to be, but thanks to those who are leading us to the next greatest innovation.

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