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Rescue Time Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak of the time tracking capabilities of Rescue Time I posted on Facebook about a new  productivity tool that I have been using to

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WordPress Humor – “WordPress on the Street”

The organizers of WordCamp Phoenix 2013 decided to interject a little WordPress humor into the opening session of the event.  This video was created by the Gangplank Studios initiative

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Facebook Timeline For Businesses

The only thing certain in our world is that change will happen.  Once again, Facebook is changing the business pages to include the timeline similar

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Taming the Email Beast

  Editors Note — Many of the tips and tricks that I will share throughout the series will be specific to users of gmail.  I

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Finding Peace Amidst A Chaotic Life

What do you do when you get stressed out? Everyone operates just a bit differently and it is so important to know what makes us

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Video Email…Bringing Back the Personal Touch

How many times have you written something or read something that was intended one way, but interpreted another way.  Don’t get me wrong… email is

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Project Management Made Easy

There are a bazillion different project management tools on the market these days.  You can spend a bundle of time and money getting up to

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Vista Point blog (1 of 1)


It is no accident that I started Tech Tools.  I jokingly refer to myself as “The Accidental Geek”, but it really isn’t an accident.  You

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Time Goes By…

But I’m on top of it with Google calendar.  If someone stuck a gun to my head and said that I could only choose one

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Head in the Cloud Part 2

Part 2 Cloud computing is all around us.  More and more services are being driven “to the cloud”.  The downside (yes, there is a downside)

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